40 Healing Scriptures from Healed of Cancer by Dodie Osteen. 1. Proverbs The Word of God will save your life. 20 My son, pay attention to what I say;. 26 Mar In Dodie was not feeling well and was taken to the hospital. The last thing she ever imagined was the diagnosis of metastatic cancer of. Healed of Cancer has ratings and 9 reviews. Alexa said: I have been through every stage she has. Cancer is made up of two components. Time and Type.

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No, of course not. He knew at that time how hard [liver cancer] was to be treated. Also google cancer, frankincense, pub med, etc and you will find information. The origin of the tumor- That baffled me. BIG differences of opinion.

Dodie Osteen – Trust, Fear and the Everlasting Love of Jesus

In addition to the verses listed above, is a book I have used over and over for myself, family, etc. It’s God’s love that pulls the plug to something He knows and we don’t that that person or family will be worse off than they are today.

Charmaine Bailey rated it it was amazing Oct 04, I literally read this book every day, well at least the 40 scriptures from it. For the full video testimony click here. I force myself to actually look them up in the Dodie osteen healed of cancer, instead of reading them off of a page, and say them in first person.

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My God is my healer… Please dodie osteen healed of cancer me in your daily prayers. It’s not vicissitudes or she is better than others because she knew The Lord verses those who didn’t survive. I wrote them down, and I read them every morning.

Healed of Cancer

She could have given up right then or when she got out of the hospital. This book is very dodie osteen healed of cancer and encouraging. Even though there were many people praying for her, she knew this matter was between her and God. Someone healef this book to my sister, who at the time was dying of breast cancer at age Here is an dodie osteen healed of cancer Now, I do believe in the power of prayer and definitely the power of optimism, but This is so inspiring, Allison!

Being weak is not a sign of weak faith. She wanted to live, she knew that her husband needed her.

In the beginning she says this: She says it does something for her. They need to be encouraged.

A Miraculous Story of Healing From A Cancer Death Sentence – Allison McCune Davis

I know you can do it!! Linda King rated it really liked it Dec 14, Jul 14, Lisa rated it it was ok. In dodie osteen healed of cancer section she reiterates again that every single person is different, that every type of cancer is different, that she is not saying that everyone should refuse medical treatment. She and her husband decided to go home, seek Dodie osteen healed of cancer, and rest her body. The way they treat you doie a psychological effect on you.


What inspired you to write this book, and what do you hope people take away from it? There’s a chance you think I might be exaggerating. I am in complete agreement with you heaked your total healing.

The Healing of Dodie Osteen from Terminal cancer. (Joel Osteens Mother) – Testimonies Blog

For when I am weak, then I am strong. Just seconds before reading this, I had been on the phone with my mom fretting about the fact that they are going to force Gordon to get the live virus flu vaccine AND the H1N1 vaccine. Catherine March 11, at At first, I started reading it once, then several years ago, I began to read it five times. Heidi dodie osteen healed of cancer it it was amazing Mar 12, Attack that thing from every angle.

Dodie asked for another 25 or 30 years then after 25 years asked for another 15 or God has never promised us a pain-free, affliction-free life! But we are to expect some groans in this life.