Description. Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession is a classic, ribald tale of nineteenth-century life. Perhaps the best written account of a soldier’s adventures . I was able to find this book at my library (copies for sale are hundreds of dollars.) It’s the primary source for much of what McCarthy wrote. 16 Dec Samuel Chamberlain is for the most part an obscure footnote in the history of the American West, but his story garnered some attention in the.

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However much I find lionizing depictions of war along with war itself juvenile at best, immoral at worst, the practice is not without many literary precedents. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Most notably, he rode with the infamous Glanton gang, under the command of John Glantonand was involved in the taking of scalps under highly questionable circumstances to claim bounties from Mexican authorities for raiding Indians.

Second in command to Glanton was a Texan- Judge Holden. While this does diminish its value as a “historic record,” it does not diminish its value as “history. If you enj Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession is a classic, ribald tale of nineteenth-century life. Samuel chamberlain my confession follow the same basic plot line. Earlier editions were apparently ‘expurgated’.

Ken Coble rated it it was amazing May 15, Chamberlain was born in Center Harbor, New Hampshire to Ephraim Chamberlain [1] and samuel chamberlain my confession afterward moved to Bostonwhere he spent most of his childhood.

Tag: My Confession: The Recollections of a Rogue

xamuel To view it, click here. Before all this occurred, he spent time in the US Army in the Mexican War, where he was from his own telling known as Peloncillo Jack, and if he samuel chamberlain my confession to be believed got up to all kinds of scrapes, both military and on the field of love.


Blood Meridian is a bleak and violent fictional account of the convession Samuel chamberlain my confession gang, a band samuel chamberlain my confession scalphunters hired by the Mexican government to kill Comanche warriors. Which brings us to Judge Holden. Long story short, the gang gets greedy, starts killing everyone, and comes to a bad end. Mercifully one night a mysterious lone rider, who has been following the train, cuts him down; a fellow known as Crying Tom Hitchcock, a truly intriguing character who speaks a mishmash of languages, mimics an array of animal calls and, as his nickname implies, frequently cries copious and unexplained tears.

Who has read Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession? : cormacmccarthy

Volunteersto rank from February 24,and the U. Chamberlain hand-wrote and illustrated the tale of his experiences between aboutwhen he was an unruly year-old leaving his family home in Chakberlain, to and his defection from the Glanton gang, a band of mercenary scalp hunters who roved the borderlands of the Southwest in the wake of the Mexican-American War.

And yet the narrative overall tends toward samuel chamberlain my confession buoyant, devil-may-care tone. Preview samuel chamberlain my confession My Confession by Samuel E.

I got some odd looks that month and my arm still hurts from lugging it around. Charley rated it really liked it Jul 15, The introduction to this book beckons the reader to take confeesion book as history — rather than analysis of history. This is a really cool memoir about a guy fighting and fing his way through the war between Mexico and the U. He eventually became a prominent citizen and retired a brevet brigadier general in the Union army following the War of Northern Aggression.


I found Sam, as a figure, both sympathetic samuel chamberlain my confession repellant, chamverlain definitely kept samuel chamberlain my confession reading.

For all confesssion swagger, Sam comes across as a fairly sensitive individual. Experts, finding much contemporaneous samuel chamberlain my confession, believe his tale is substantially correct, with the normal allowances for exaggeration and occasional invention.

He was a hothead not to mention a teenager and could never resist getting into a fight if the opportunity samuel chamberlain my confession itself. Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession is a classic, ribald tale of nineteenth-century life.

I wonder if the judge actually played violin, or if the author just added that in there.

After a few short chapters of life with the Glanton gang, the narrative suddenly breaks off – Roger Butterfield surmises that this was the time when Chamberlain went off to serve in the Civil War, and he samuel chamberlain my confession got around to finishing his story.

The second in command, now left in charge of the camp, was a man of gigantic size called ‘Judge’ Holden of Texas. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Skip to Main Content. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The fictional judge’s description was lifted straight from history: In San Antonio Chamberlain joined samuel chamberlain my confession regular army and became part of the 1st U.