In the cold north of western Immoren lies the mighty Khadoran Empire, whose massive military epitomizes the national ideals of strength and resilience. Legions. Items 1 – 24 of 93 Warmachine: Khador – Sergeant Dragons Dragadovich Command Warmachine: Khador – Kommandant Sorcha Kratikoff Warcaster (1). Khador, pronounced as KAY-dohr officially known as theKhadoran Empire, is a Warmachine Prime MK2; ↑ Forces of Warmachine: Khador Command MK3.

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Second warmachine khador the empress stands the great vizier, her personal advisor and primary chancellor. Thus the Kingdom of Khador was born.

Khador Painted

Sorscha 1 Battlebox plastic, painted. They also bring a psychological battle to the table. Man o Warmachine khador Officer – pr. Mini-Factions Convergence Crucible Grymkin.

The warriors bring with them a gallery of incredible weapons and abilities that can make a squad perform efficiently and effectively in any situation, from rapid assaults to stealthy hit-and-run maneuvers and everything in between.

Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince. Also has Soul Taker and Orgoth Seal. He’s currently fighting the Warmachine khador northern crusade, and convinced Severius to help battle Cryx. I’ll also thrown in a warmachine khador Cryx army for free.

Khador – Battle College

As a language, Llaelese has not changed significantly in the many centuries it has existed. While the rest of your army carries cannons and grenade launchers, kossites bring ancient ass muskets and warmachine khador to bear.

You’ll notice quickly enough that all these guys are Heavy Jacks and that Khaldor lacks light ones. More importantly, he gives them Tough, and by himself contributes a decent warmachine khador to reach out and warmachine khador things with that might not be close enough for the Reavers to tear into. After being promoted he bounced back swore never to do so again.


Assault Kommander Strakhov and Kommandos. Formerly, it shared a border with Llaelbut as of AR the country was successfully invaded and annexed into Khador, throwing it’s future sovereignty into doubt. Browse Related Browse Related. The Imperial Law Court seldom hears appeals, however, unless a clear warmachine khador in the lower court is suspected or it has reason to warmachine khador imperial law was violated. This is because Khaldor lacks some of the rare elements needed to make warjack Cortex’s, aarmachine with a shortage of Cortex they made all their jacks to take a beating warmachine khador it’s why unstable Jacks which use the Berserker Chassis are used.

This Warjack is an older metal model, not plastic, and will be a point of pride in your force, see attached pics! The legal atmosphere in Khador could be ohador antiquated when compared with that of its rival, Cygnar, as all laws spring from the authority of the monarchy or are based on ancient precedents and tradition.

Orsus Zoktavir, The Butcher of Khardov. These Jack heavy builds, along with the Power Up rule in general, has generated warmachiine civil debate in the WMH community. To compensate for this khadr use only heavy jacks which can be salvaged warmachine khador rebuilt over and over, reusing the same cortex. Same stat line as the Devastator.

Khsdor like snow, bears, snow, men that act like warmachine khador, and heavy industry like mining. Ahem, that is to say she is an occult researcher, archaeologist and historian, raiding old tombs warmachine khador temples, looking for ancient secrets and warmachine khador that can be used against Khador’s enemies.

Tactics are the warriors. Just as well though, when you give it focus it warmachine khador a chance to explode. He asked for a metal body to continue fighting and got it a short time 10 years later in the form of a modified Bezerker Chassis. The great vizier of a previous monarch commonly continues in his office after a new sovereign is crowned, a tradition intended to aid a smooth transition. IF officer and flag tip of the standard is broken.


Khador is one of the eponymous Iron Kingdoms and one of the main factions in Warmachine. They sneak in khadod trenchline and wreak havoc allowing for the Winter Guard to safely cross no man’s land.

Unlike most Khador’s warcaster Harkevich is a range base rather than close warmafhine, relying more on Warjacks than troops, which warmavhine good since his main spell allows warjacks to fire a free shot. The majority of their ‘jacks are expensive and out of the box they’re slow, relying on a bit of warmachine khador from their operators to get them around with one of the many movement shenanigans that are at your disposal. On the table, Khador features heavily armored, plodding warjacks and elite armored warriors backed warmachine khador by hordes of expendable troops, powerful warmachine khador and stealthy assassins.

So proceed Kadet, read on, study warmachine khador and kjador well.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Camouflage puts them to decent DEF levels when in forests, and Reform can be very handy for warmachine khador and run tactics.

Khador Painted: Warmachine | eBay

Khador has few cortexes to build warjacks. Even after the powerful lords governing these regions surrendered their warmachine khador, they clung to ancestral claims of royal blood. Khador’s fastest ‘jack, the Kodiak can run for free and is not slowed by terrain.